Past webinar recordings

Globe with headphones by zirconicusso FreedigitalphotosVideo Recordings of Past Webinars Available Online:

October 11- “Employ Story and Fiction Techniques to Strengthen Your Nonfiction,” with author Cynthia Ruchti of the US. Learn how the use of storytelling and fiction techniques like character arc, setting, description, emotional connection, and point of view will enhance your ability to communicate the core message of your nonfiction.

September 13- “How to Balance Income and Spending in Your Publishing House,”
with Joyce Mae Tongson, finance manager of OMF Literature, Inc, in the Philippines. You are not alone in your financial woes. Learn to practice “bottom-up” financial planning with the end in mind and to build efficiency strategies.

August 16- “Even Dr. Seuss Needed an Editor: The art of editing books for children” with author and editor Stephanie Rische. She is senior editor and team manager for children’s books and nonfiction at Tyndale House Publishers, located near Chicago, USA.

July 18- “Build Strong Teams, Empower Leaders and Create a Positive Culture in Your Publishing House” with Rodney and Geraldine Shepherd, who have two lifetimes of experience in corporate management, human resources, team building and personal development. Learn to build a strong publishing team through effective 1) recruitment, 2) staff development, and 3) team-building.

June 14- “TeamWrite: How to collaborate to create a successful book project with author Keila Ochoa Harris of Mexico. Discover how to create a successful book using a team of four or more writers. 

May 17- “Wikified: Collaborative editing in a digital worldwith Jeremy Taylor, managing editor for fiction at Tyndale House Publishers, located near Chicago, USA. Take a close-up look at developing and using web-based wiki software to edit, copyedit, and collaborate better and faster.

April 19- “Engage Your Readers Through Social Media
with Ida Torres, digital marketing officer of OMF Literature in the Philippines. Learn the basics of social media marketing, including how to: 1) Establish a significant presence in social media, 2) Build a “community,” and 3) Keep them engaged and interested in your content.

March 22- Build an Effective Publishing House Website with Sam Richardson. He is the CEO of SPCK (the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge) in London, England.  

February 16: Developing an Effective Marketing Plan for Book Publishers with David Waweru. He is the founder and CEO of WordAlive Publishing, based in Nairobi, Kenya. How can publishers make sure their books successfully reach target readers and help authors touch readers’ hearts?

January 12: Publishing God’s Revelation for General Readers with ChinKar Tan. He is the publisher of Write Editions®, an imprint that focuses on general trade books, and Word Editions®, a new imprint that exclusively publishes Christian literature. Learn how to effectively reach general readers with a biblical worldview. 

November 24- How Can Authors and Publishers Use Podcasts to Reach Readers? with Melvin Rivera. He is the Director of Global Bible Publishing at United Bible Societies, the world’s largest translator, publisher and distributor of the Bible.

October 27- How to Engage Your Readers with Powerful Infographics with Jon Hirst, president and CEO of GMI, a nonprofit focused on providing the Global Church with research, data and decision resources.

September 16: How to Price Your Book with Anna Shirochenskaya, director of Triad Publishing in Moscow, Russia. 

August 11: How Can the Publisher and the Author Work Together to Market a Book Successfully? with Dan Balow. Creating “digital buzz” to reach readers is the task of both the publisher and the author. Who does what? Dan is the director of publishing development and literary agent for The Steve Laube Agency.

July 14: Is Less More? The Discipline of Self-editing with Alice Crider, senior acquisitions and development editor for David C. Cook Publishers, US.

June 16: Publishing Excellent Translations with Jophen Baui, a Filipina writer, editor and veteran translator.

May 12- Building Your Team Toward Achieving Results with Larry A. Downs of Harper Collins Christian Publishing.

April 22- Time Management, Life Balance and Avoiding Burnout with Pastor Soo-Inn Tan of Malaysia/Singapore.

March 17- Writing for the Younger Generation with Pastor Ronald Molmisa of the Philippines.

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