Free Webinars

We are expanding our global publisher training with the launch of free monthly webinars led by expert trainers. The interactive sessions will include polls, surveys and time for questions. Sessions will be recorded for on-demand access after the live webcast.

“Beyond the content of the teaching, it is a blessing just to be online and listen to people from different parts of the world discuss their efforts to let God use them to reach people for Christ.”
-Shirley McCoy, author

Upcoming MAI webinars:

Rodney and Geraldine Shepherd 1 croppedJuly 18- “Build Strong Teams, Empower Leaders and Create a Positive Culture in Your Publishing House” with Rodney and Geraldine Shepherd, who have two lifetimes of experience in corporate management, human resources, team building and personal development. Learn to build a strong publishing team through effective 1) recruitment, 2) staff development, and 3) team-building. Success means a positive culture in the workplace of your publishing house. Register online now.

Webinars start at 8 AM Central Time. Contact [email protected] for further details.