Free Webinars

We are expanding our global publisher training with the launch of free monthly webinars led by expert trainers. The interactive sessions will include polls, surveys and time for questions. Sessions will be recorded for on-demand access after the live webcast.

“Beyond the content of the teaching, it is a blessing just to be online and listen to people from different parts of the world discuss their efforts to let God use them to reach people for Christ.”
-Shirley McCoy, author

Upcoming MAI webinars:

February 16: “Developing an Effective Marketing Plan for Book Publishers” withDavid Waweru 2015 2 David Waweru. He is the founder and CEO of WordAlive Publishing, based in Nairobi, Kenya. How can publishers make sure their books successfully reach target readers and help authors touch readers’ hearts? Register online now.

March 22- “Building an Effective Publishing House Website”
with Sam Richardson. He is the CEO of SPCK (the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge) in London, England.  Register online now.

April 19- “Engaging Your Readers Through Social Media” with Ida Torres, digital marketing officer of OMF Literature in the Philippines. You’ll learn the basics of social media marketing, including how to: 1) Establish a significant presence in social media, 2) Build a “community,” and 3) Keep them engaged and interested in your content. Register online now.

Check out recordings of past webinars available online

Webinars start at 8 AM Central Time. Contact [email protected] for further details.