Do you love to read?

Then pray for writers.

By Beng Alba

If you are passionate about the written word, why not carve out a space to pray for writers?  Here are a few points to help you get started:

Growing relationship with God.  Pray that Christian writers continue to increase in their knowledge and love for God.  More than anything, a writer’s love for God should be what moves him or her to write.  In the same way that the Holy Spirit inspired the words of Moses, David, and Paul, pray that writers today recognize their complete dependence on God.

Love for people.  Pray that the writers become sensitive to the needs and interests of their readers.  This should spur them toward producing literature that will validate those needs and point the readers to God, the Ultimate Source of help.

Strength and wisdom.  While there are those who can afford to retreat to a log cabin to write, such is not always the case.  For many, writing is what they do on top of meeting the demands of their families, full-time jobs, and church.  Pray that writers learn to manage their time wisely as they cope with life’s daily demands.

Protection from the enemy’s attacks.  Writers get sick, tired or discouraged.   Many grow weary and lose heart when they don’t see tangible results from their months of toil.  At such times, Satan’s whispers can sound more convincing:  “Give up.  There’s no use spending another day writing another page nobody is going to read.”  Bathe writers in prayer to wash away these negative thoughts of the enemy.  Satan and his minions will do everything possible to keep God’s message of love and salvation from being published.