Six principles that characterize the best publishers

“Just passing minimum requirements doesn’t awaken passion in anyone,” said Mark Carpenter, CEO of Editora Mundo Cristao, the largest non-denominational Christian publishing house in Brazil. On Monday morning of LittWorld, he shared six principles that characterize the best publishers who thrive and survive—without being big or rich:

1. A clear, written mission statement.

2. An unrelenting commitment to high ethical standards, professionally and personally.

3. A submission to an accountability structure that leads to improvement, refinement and excellence.

4. A policy of shared leadership and decentralized decision-making.

5. A spirit of service to their readers. It’s a common mistake to focus on books and not readers.

6. A realization that they are creating knowledge and awareness in their culture.

Do you agree?

Photo by Eric Gitonga

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“Arise and tell the story”

What an amazing gathering of 180 godly men and women in publishing from nearly 50 nations! Noteable thoughts from Day 1 and 2:

Opening night speaker Dr. Florence Muindi challenged everyone “to obey God and

Opening night worship, Kenyan style, at LittWorld 2012 by Didier Millotte

leave a written testimony of what God has done for us….” and, we are “invited to arise and tell the story.”

Her message “hit home–a responsibility and privilege to tell our stories, to be relevant and accessible,” said Kara Lassen Oliver of the US.

“We need to remember that ministry is a God-centered enterprise, not a man-centered one,” said Pastor Soo-Inn of Graceworks in Singapore in his morning devotion. And, “Ministry is done by community, not heroic individuals.”

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Bonjour! Greetings from “Jouv’ Afrique” magazine in Africa

Greetings from Jouv’ Afrique magazine! Greg Burgess of France helped launch this youth mag, written entirely for and by young, local French-speaking African writers. Meet Greg and some of the magazine team in this video:

Greg and 23 other invited Francophone publishers of France and Africa are gathering this October 26 to 28 in Nairobi for a pre-conference, before LittWorld 2012 begins.

Author Ivanova Fotso Nono of Cameroon, who writes for Jouv’ Afrique, will also be attending LittWorld. She and many other gifted writers, editors and publishers from around the globe will gather for MAI’s unique triennial global publishing conference.

Stay tuned. You’ll meet more of them here!

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A beginner’s guide to financial management

Are you among the many people who have more financial responsibility in publishing than you feel comfortable managing? Tony Wales, global publishing consultant, offers a workshop at LittWorld that will equip you to better steward your resources:

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